The following is the process for providing additional capital facilities within Vista Lakes as requested by home owners or Associations representing a neighborhood(s) within Vista Lakes. The Board of Supervisors of the Community Development District will consider requests for additional capital infrastructure according to the following procedure.


Petitioner (which may be an individual, a home owners association, or similar group of home owners) must submit a written petition to the District Manager (see Contact Information below), signed by 30% of the affected assessable property owners that identifies the following:

  1. The type of infrastructure or improvement to be provided.
  2. The area to benefit by the infrastructure or improvement.
  3. A recommended means to pay for the infrastructure or improvement (e.g., per parcel or lot, front footage, units if a condominium).
  4. If the infrastructure or improvement is to be paid for in installments, the number of years recommended.
  5. Printed name, signature, and contact information (phone, address, email) of petitioner.


Upon receipt of the petition, the Board Manager will schedule consideration of this item at the next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors. At such meeting, the Board will schedule a public hearing at least 45 days in the future and provide for the proper publication of such hearing, pursuant to the requirements of Chapter 170, Florida Statutes.


Immediately following the District meeting setting the hearing date and time, the petitioner shall provide 30-day mailed notice to all affected property owners, pursuant to Section 170.03, Florida Statutes. Petitioner shall pay for the required mailing costs for First Class U.S. Mail. If the project is approved after a public hearing and after the assessment is collected or, if financed, the proceeds received by the District, the cost of mailing will be reimbursed to the Petitioner. If the project is not approved, the mailing costs will not be reimbursed.


The notice required by Section 170.03, F.S., along with a ballot, will be mailed to all assessable property owners using First Class U.S. Mail. The ballot, which will be in the following form, must be returned no later than 30 days from the date of mailing in order to be counted. Included with the ballot information is the cost estimate for the proposed project, as well as any additional information that will assist the residents in making an informed choice and required pursuant to Florida Statutes.


□       I support the petition and the levy of an assessment to pay for the infrastructure or improvements identified in the petition

□       I do not support the petition and do not want an assessment levied against my property.


Ballots must be received within the 30 days to be considered in calculating property owners in favor of, or opposed to, the project.


When the petitioner submits the project proposal to the District Manager, cost estimates must be included. The District will verify the costs and may increase it if some necessary components were not included by the petitioner.


Once the ballots have been collected and tabulated, the petition and a summary of ballot results will be forwarded to the Board. The Board will open the scheduled public hearing and announce if there is enough support for the project. If 50% + 1 of the affected responses are in favor of the project, the hearing will proceed. If there is not enough support for the project, the hearing will be cancelled. The Board has the final vote on all projects, which includes approval or denial of the proposed project.


All projects will be considered as the Board’s meeting schedule permits.


The minimum requirement is 50% plus 1 of respondents in favor of the project is required for the Board of Supervisors to proceed with the special assessment process.


The District will establish the special assessment pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 170, Florida Statutes, and may collect the annual installment of principal and interest and any required annual maintenance costs pursuant to the provisions of Section 197.3632, Florida Statutes.


All requests should be submitted to the District Manager’s local office:

Vista Lakes CDD
District Manager, Kristen Suit
313 Campus St
Celebration, FL 34747

Phone 407-566-1935

Fax 407-566-4128